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Andro - gnome goggles

Guthix smiled upon me

You won't believe this. Take my word for it. For ages now, the drizzle at Tears of Guthix has been a major pain in the backside. I see the blue drizzle. I go over there with my bowl to get the tears. I get one and the drizzle stops. I go to another drizzle and it stops just when I get there. I go somewhere else to get 3-4 only to be forced to move again. That's been my case for a very, veeeery long time.
I went there in hopes that I wouldn't get more than 100 tears. I consider that extremely bad. The most I've ever had has been around 150-160 tears. To my surprise the drizzle keep going for ages. I think I changed position 4-5 times only compared to the normal 15-20 times.


What in Gielinor did I do to deserve this?! I thank ye, Guthix. I'm ever so grateful for the dungeoneering knowledge you've given me today.

Your humble servant,