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10th anniversary - Master Degrees

Hiya Journal.
I am celebrating an anniversary today. Well, yesterday to be precise. Yesterday marked the 10th Master Degree achievement. I know you probably go "huh?!" right now. Yes, you're right. Last time I spoke of getting a Masters Degree in anything was when I became a master woodcutter. After that I seem to have failed reporting the Mining Master Degree and the Hunter Master Degree. Yesterday I got my Smithing Master Degree. It is my tenth cape, and I am very happy. I've been wearing it today as I always do with new capes.

I don't know which I should go for now. Times have changed. The mindless drones, as I believe Wournos called them, have been erradicated from the lands. Either they was consumed by their illness or they have been put in quarantine somewhere to avoid affecting more citizens. It's great news though the downside is lack of material sold on the market. Prices has shot to the roof. I have been waiting a long time to find a seller of orbs and today got a match. Someone sold water orbs for under 1500. I accept that. I could go up to 2000 per orb but that's it. No more.
Sooo... I decided to almost go all-in on water orbs. I bought another 2000 orbs after the first thousand. Then I placed a new order of 10,000 water orbs. I have already collected 8,000 of them. I will spend all-but-1 coin on water orbs if I have to. I have a rank to maintain. Besides, once I start making nature runes I can alch my battlestaves, ergo getting my money back.

But again... what to do now? I've been wanting to clear my bank of junk. The main skill-related item I can think of that I will never collect again is bowstrings. That means I will do fletching. I don't believe I have bowstrings for all the logs I have but at least they're a start. Aaaand... to get rid of maple logs I will do both fletching and firemaking.
I was thinking of starting slaying again. But I think I'll do the above first.

Finishing off with a drawing of all my lovely capes. They are:
Crafting, Magic, Defence, Constitution, Thieving, Fishing, Woodcutting, Mining, Hunter and Smithing.




I still only have one Master Degree - I really should get another, but I have so many skills to work on, and none of them is advanced enough to earn a cape.

I worked on Fletching the other day though, and increased my skill a little. It enabled me to make sagaies in the jungle lands, but I'm not sure they are worth my effort and time.
Thank you!

Maybe you're one of those who (will) work on them all and end up having loads in grade 90's and above. You'll be able to "cash in" capes like mad later. *laughs*

Congrats on your fletching grade/s. I tried making those weapons and I too am unsure if they are good fletching or not. Maybe we should research?
I hope so - I like to try and keep my skills equal.

Thanks. Proper research might be valuable.