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Andro - gnome goggles

Masters degree in bank cleaning

Hullo, Journal.
Feels like it was just a few days since I scribbled down my last thoughts. Well, I have reasons. I've been working my bum off lately. First it was smithing and working on the mastership. After that I decided to Yule-clean my bank. Maple logs had to go so I started fletching. In between sessions I collected more crafting material, as well as my daily flax. I don't need it but figured I could always sell it.
Yesterday my fletching paid off. I got my Masters Degree and the cape. I won't lie. I don't like it. But it's nice to have it over and done with. It's one of those necessary evils. I plan on becoming a Master Skiller so that I can get the Max cape. It's the second finest cape a citizen can wear. It represents the mastership of all skills.

...and speaking of necessary evils...
Today I geared up and went to Jadinko Lair for some firemaking. Now, I have never really tried firemaking down in the dungeon but damn it was good. I didn't have to set fire to each vine. There was a fire ready to use. All I had to do was chop the curly vines and toss them on the fire. It went so well that I finished the entire last grade in just a few hours. I think it was hours. I had nothing to measure time with. Come to think of it, I never do. Hmm.
I now have a somewhat nice firemaking cape. It's lovely orange. I will wear it for a while, just like I did with the fletching cape, and ever other cape I have.

Now the huge question is... What do I do now?
I think I know the answer already. I kind of decided that before I even started fletching. Slaying. Not for a masters degree but for improving my fighting skills and also change the scenery a bit. I have been pretty stationary at Grande Exchange or Edgeville bank lately. Besides, I could always use herb seeds. I mostly find them among the remains of monsters.

With that said, I need a BREAK! My hands are sore from all the carving and chopping!