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Wournos - yellow chompy hat

Yule celebration and other stuff

Merry Yule, Book.
The holiday of food is here. Got to love it! There is an ongoing feast at the Wizard Tower in the Land of Snow. Lots of pastry, salads, beverage and what looked like grilled chompy. That or oversized chicken! Oh how I miss chompies. I never have to catch them again. I got my trophy - my Expert Dragon Archer feathered hat. But I still miss bloating toads and leaving them in the open while I hid in a bush to lure out the shy chompies.
But back to the feast. It was for mages only. Andro will write about it later, I'm sure. But I managed to tuck down a piece of chicken/chompy in my trousers to have for later.

Another thing I have done, as you can see in the drawing, is that I have changed my clothing. I have disrobed my cosmic set. I... I take it in steps because once removed I'm not allowed to wear it until I pay my taxes. That's why I still have my feathered hat and cape on. I'm not entirely ready to put them in my bank just yet. But I will.
So now I'm a Noir. Cassis and Andro started wearing their Deathcon tees. I honestly don't have anything better to wear at the moment so I put mine on too. The shoes and mittens are my yule set. I have a copy of the santa set but that's ... so not me!

I've been mining again. It's going well not that I found a deposit box in a secluded area of the dwarven mines. It's in one of those resource dungeons. This one has couple of mith rocks and coal rocks. There are three adamant rocks just outside. I did a minor calculation yesterday and found out I can buy nature runes for part of the profit of high-alching mithril plate bodies. I need six runes for every plate (superheat five mith ore and alching) and the price is currently just right. I wanted to save my ore for Artisan's Workshop, but I just know I will mine gold and smelt that once I have paid my taxes again. I'm not keen on smithing steel at the workshop. I will need steel the day I decide to get one of those dwarven cannons. When I pay taxes that is.

I think I'll drag Cassis out for an adventure soon. I heard something about a shield in Varrock.

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(¸.•´ (¸. Wournos