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Andro - gnome goggles

War zone

Hey Journal.

You should see Burthorpe and Taverley now! It has changed a lot ever since the trolls started attacking. At first the attacks were concentrated near the castle. The guards built a wall to fend off the trolls and I have been helping out with repairs and boosting morale. There's a lot of volunteers and since we all can't work at once, the commander only allows help once a month.

The defence fell slightly so now there are sporadic attacks from loner trolls in south Burthorpe. To keep up, the area has gone through a major change with new buildings with artisans giving out advice and tools related to their skills.
There are wounded people to the north. Food is scarce but they manage. I've seen hunter birds settled in the area so that's a source of food. The small cove where it used to be land has fish so that's good.

One thing I find a little... off is the witch who used to live near the gates of the wall that separates Taverley from the rest of the Asgarnian kingdom. It's as if she sensed the attack and magically moved her house because her entire property is now located near the south-west corner of the Falador city wall. I think her talent could be used elsewhere...

There's one thing above all that I like. There's a crafter with tanning skills in the south part of Burthorpe. His workshop is rather close to a bank chest. A real bank has opened up at the south corner of Taverley, very close to the entrance to Taverley Dungeon. That means faster trips without having to teleport. Sadly I'm not the only one who have noticed this.

Cassis has something to share too. She went to Thessalia's shop in Varrock the other day and saw that she has created a newer model of wizard robes. Both black and blue. They are more detailed than the previous models and she pretty much loves the black set.

The smiths have come up with new models for lower types of armour. They actually look quite nice now. There's a delay with mithril and better. Should be interesting to see what they will look like.

Last but certainly not least...
I have bought a title. I have lots of titles given to me by people I have helped in the past, or earnt for various actions. But now I'm Wunderkind Andro. Pretty cool. Nothing like a little bloated ego. Hehe



Turns out I have enough currency for a title too - You're the Wunderking. I could be a Witch Queen.... but I'm tempted by Empress.
Empress is cool. You look more like an empress than Witch Queen to be honest. But nothing stops you from buying that one too in the future.