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Andro - gnome goggles

My first: People Kill

Hiya Journal.

So today I tried something new. Something I've been staying away from since I first took my staggering, confused steps in Lumbridge. I am first and foremost a skiller. But it doesn't stop me from killing monsters and other enemies. That's all fine and well because most creatures are predictable. Once you've killed a few you know what their deal is and you have the upper hand.
There is, however, something else that can be killed, that are not so predictable at all. Other people! So far I've been the sporadict victim of other people killers. They are called PKers for short. Pretty much the only place where this can happen is the Wilderness. That's the reason I've never liked the Wilderness. 

But today, when I chased penguins, I ran past a large group of mindless drones. Loads of them at the green dragons up north. As I had nothing to do after chasing penguins I decided to try kill one, just to feel what it felt like. I made a pair of rune leggings, put on a blue dragon body, my Neitiznot helm (haven't worn that in ages!), whip, antifire shield and a pair of white boots. I put a glory amulet around my neck, grabbed a tortoise pouch and headed up there.

The first kill was so easy. The drone had so many hides and bones that my tortoise couldn't carry any more. I even had to stuff some into my own bag. Talk about heavy!
I ran back to Edgeville to bank my loot and decided it was fun and headed back. Unfortunately I was spotted by a manic mage. He tried to kill me even though I urged him to go for the drones too. Bloody fool wouldn't stop so when I got the upper hand I teleported away with the free tablets the drone had left behind upon death. I didn't give up. I headed out there again, but at a different location. As I was checking my map some nerd tried to attack me. Another teleport just in case. I then decided to find a parallell realm with less PKers. The realm I was in is a hub for PKers due to the penguin hunters. 
I chose my home realm and located two drones at the green dragons. Kitching! Two kills. I gathered their things and left to bank in Varrock. I did a last trip and killed the same two drones. After that I felt I shouldn't push my luck too much. Besides, I had five starting kills for my Wildstalker hood. Or so I thought... It appears I had lost it a while back. I got a new one from the scared guy outside the bank. But I couldn't add my kills because the hood wasn't in my possession at the time of the kills. Bugger! Guess I'll have to do it again some time. 



Pking?! Wow.

Glad you had fun though - I'm sure I'd get killed.