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Wournos - yellow chompy hat

Spin around

Yesterday I changed my view on life slightly. For too long I've been blinded by the need to become a master of smithing and mining. I got to a point where I didn't feel enjoyment for my crafts. I kept "planning ahead", always looking at the future, not once stopping to look at the now. This planning ahead included "This is for my next tax payment period". Thing is... I don't know when I'll pay my taxes next. That makes putting some things on hold completely pointless. Idiotic even!

So... my first step to free myself of the chains of "future plans" was to undress my upper class citizens clothes. They kept reminding me of my days as an upper class citizen. It wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. I neatly put my feathered hat on a shelf in my bank. I worked hard for it and one day I might wear it again. I hung my yellow cape on a hook. I have replaced it with the Varrock Herald cape. I tried different customizations, different colours. First I had a green cape with white crest background and trim. Then I tried a yellow version. It was too bright so I tried more colours until I found a somewhat cosy brown version with white trim and crest background. Very neat style. It goes well with my hair colour, skin colour and my beige/yellowish clothes.

I also changed scenery. I used to fight over mining rocks in the Dwarven mines. I went back to my "secret place" to both mine and work on my ranging skills. I did that for a while before I decided I needed an even greater change of scenery. I needed to break this obsession with mining. What better way to relax while fishing?
I grabbed my flyfishing rod, a bundle of feathers and headed to River Lum. It's rather peaceful there. Sure, the guard won't give up fighting the goblins but I can live with that. They are pest anyway. Stupid pest. Illiterate pest, unlike the cave goblins.
Fishing did me good, though I couldn't stop planning for the future still. I wish I could just erase all thoughts of mastership and just take each day as they come.

One strange thing has happened though. I was mining a while back and underneath some rubble I found a ticket. I think it said "Spin Ticket" on the front. A bright yellow ticket. It didn't say what it was for. The only other words on it was "claim" and "discard" in the bottom corners. I have never seen anything like it. I brushed my fingers over the claim label and *Poof*! The ticket vanished into thin air and I swear I hear a faint voice squealing "Weeee. Free spins for the win". Something like that. I have not had this happened since so I have no idea what this was. I have been wondering if it was similar to those random people that keep abducting me to do stupid tasks for them, only to be rewarded in the end, but I didn't get anything from this ticket. I heard Cassis had a similar experience in the essence mine. Since it happened to the both of us, neither of us have lost our marbles. Andro hasn't said anything about it though. I'll see if I can find more and figure out what they are for, because this is just so bizarre!

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