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Andro - gnome goggles

My first: First day as a no tax payer

Hey Journal.

I've stopped paying my taxes. Yes, you heard right. No more taxes. Why? I don't know why! That's what's so confusing. I don't now why. I think it has to do with the sporadic voices, or at least one voice, I keep hearing in my head every once in a while. I think I've mentioned it before. I've gotten so used to it I don't think about it. I've been hearing numbers and amount of things I need to do to reach a goal. It never makes sense so I have been somewhat successfully ignoring it for a while. But lately I've been hearing other things. Words. Hypocracy. Lies. Something called AreWeTee, or similar. Gambling. Very, very angry voices. I somehow connect this to not paying the taxes anymore. 
You think I'm crazy, right? You're just a book, what do you know?! No, I'll remain as is until this voice tells me different. Even though I can't understand it at times I just know it's been helping me for so long. Could be Guthix. I've been sacrificing bones on and off lately. Maybe he's pleased. Maybe he's placed his blessings upon me.

On a different topic. Wournos is correct. He and Cassis are not crazy. I have found the same kind of tickets they have found. I have found over 10 of them. Some I have claimed (goes poof after you touch the word, just like Wournos said). Others I have discarded. The parchment crumbles to dust if you do that. But recently I've noticed claiming these tickets do not work. I never thought magic could be broken but it seems it is. 
Like my siblings, I too haven't seen anything come from these tickets. To be honest, I don't care. I have better things to do than waste time on meaningless actions.

So what to do now? I'll be restricted to a very small area now. Most of my belongings have been sealed off and I won't be able to work on some of the skills. Evilness!
I did hear rumours of a new plane related to runecrafting. I'll be checking that out. Runecrafting has never been my favourite thing to do, but I have done it because I needed nature runes. 
Then there's always dungeoneering... I hate dungeoneering! But at least it's something to do.

I just remembered... I forgot to put my Proselyte armour back in my armour closet in my house. Darn it! Now it has to remain in my bank. I hope it won't take damage.



I'm sure your Proselyte will be fine for now. Banks are pretty secure these days.
I believe you are right. Might get a little dusty now though. Ah well, I can always polish it in the future ... I hope.