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Master runecrafter grade in sight

Haha. Suckers! I won! This is the first time us Noirs have been wanting to write at the same time, but I won. I got hold of the book first and ran! Besides, I'm the one with least writings so I should get the honour. Not to mention I'm the only mage in this family. With maging comes runecrafting - no matter how great Andro thinks she is!

A new mage at the Wizard's Tower has been trying to find proof that the energies to make runes doesn't only come from the altars we've been using. He believes the energy comes from all around us. There's been slight debate over this between the other mages, the ones that host the Great Orb Project, and this new mage. I think his name was Finix. Cute guy. Black ruffled hair. Blue robes. Tall.

cassis at runespan siphoning a vine

Anyway... the mages collective have opened up a new realm to the public they call Runespan. It's a very interesting place. It's located in what feels like nothingness. Rocky platforms connected by magical platforms that requires runes to be used. There are floating essence rocks, essling creatures and various ... nodes I think they are called. They look different. Some are floating grassy rocks. Others are fire storms or fireballs. There are cyclons and vines. The most bizarre one is the fleshy growth. It's a ball of flesh tied to the ground by a fleshy string. All of these generate runes when you siphon them. And the speed of learning?! My dear Zamorak! I have gained 11 or 12 grades since the mages opened up Runespan on 11th Raktuber. That's ALOT! The traditional way is so much slower. And you have to run back and forth between a bank and an altar. Here you don't do that. But you also don't get to keep the runes which is a BUMMER! I'm a poor mage. I can't afford buying runes to practise my craft. And making runes take more time than using them. I don't find enough of them after killing a monster to keep me going.

I wonder when I'll become a master runecrafter. Much sooner than previously expected, that's for sure!
Going back there now. I'll see if I can improve my skill.



I went up a degree last night too. What a lovely place!