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Master RC clothes

I so want those Master runecrafter clothes. Have you seen them? I hear they improve runecrafting when worn. I want to get better at runecrafting but it's so difficult. And the best I can do is fire runes. I went there today but the wizards didn't let me in. Said something about grade 50 runecrafting and blocked my path. One of these days... when I'm a better mage... I'll show those Saradomin wizard rats at Wizard's Tower who they're dealing with. 
I need to find a good target for magic practise. I've been to Lumbridge Catacombs. It's a very popular place and would help me with prayer. No one there pick up the bones left behind. But that has to wait. I need more runes and to get that I need to RC, and to do that I need more essence.
Dammit! I wish I was rich so I could buy essence. Mining is for geeks!



I quite like mining for essence. It's calming.