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Aug. 14th, 2011

Andro - gnome goggles

I'm a hunter

Morning journal.

Have I taken you to Karamja yet? It's a really nice, yet warm place, to be in. It's a jungle with various types of animals and creatures. The people there are rather ... simple, if I may say so. They live in huts made of what looks like round, hollow poles, with thatched roofs. For a while now I've been pretty much living in the south-east part of Karamja mainland. There's a village not far from the area called Shilo. It has a bank, a river with salmon and trout, a bank, a slayer master and a gem mine. I go there when I need to restock on something. The area I "live in" is called Herblore Habitat. Sounds stupid as herblore is not a living creature, and habitat is a place with living beings. One being though is Papa Mambo. He's the local witchdoctor. I don't remember his initial reason for being there, but he sells tools and seeds to be used in the area. South of him, sort of fenced in by this giant vine system, is a small farming area with patches for herbs, flowers, a bush and a fruit tree. There's also a compost bin, habitat construction area, a funny little leprechaun who, like all other leprechauns, stores tools, and ... oh, yes. There's a zombie who works like a local farmer. He takes care of crops for a small payment. There's also a man there who is an expert on jadinkos. The harmless type of jadinko. Their lair were recently discovered and there are aggressive mutated jadinkos. I heard they can easily kill any skilled fighter.

Lately I've been farming herbs, flowers and bushes while catching jadinkos. There are a large variety of these harmless jadinkos. There are common ones, that are always around. All other types, such as carrion, diseased, igneous, need a special combination of flowers, bushes, fruit trees and habitat construction to show. I should add that jadinkos look like oversized lizards. Not the lizards in the Kharidian desert. Those are more crocodile-like. These are smaller and much slimmer. They come in different colours, and when caught, leave behind different types of vines that can be used for herblore. Sometimes they carry seeds with them. I currently have tons of different herb seeds and a small variety of flower seeds. 
I should mention that the different jadinkos are caught in two different ways. Three of them are caught by tracking them in the southern-most area. Now... tracking is... booooring. Thankfully they're stupid enough to move in the same route over and over. Trapping is much more fun. It's also a much faster method as you can catch several jadinkos at once, opposed to only one when tracking. I also use a scentless potion when trapping as it removes my own scent from the area. It supposedly reduced failed traps. I can't really tell as it seems to be the same at all times. But it doesn't hurt to use them.

Tracking jadinko

I was at it again yesterday. I have a set a minimum goal for each day. Either 100 trackables or 200 trappables. But the past few days I changed that as I was able to keep the interest of two different jadinkos at once. Carrion, a trappable kind, and diseased, a trackable kind. I decided to do 50 diseased and 100 carrion. But I went well over my daily goal yesterday. Roughly 500 jadinkos resulted in grade 95! Just two grades left for the immediate goal. But I'm honestly thinking of going all the way and become a master of hunting. 
I'll get going on drawings later. Itried but they turned out badly. I have that shield to show off too.


Aug. 9th, 2011

Andro - gnome goggles


Hi Journal.
I find it hard to keep up with you these days. First Wournos goes all beserk and drop heaps of work on me. Then I was drafted to a clan that Toady has been part of for years. My priorities have shifted some due to this. I actually take part in group events! Never thought that would happen. Guess I just hadn't met the right people for it. We have a citadel where we can work. It has a low status at the moment but we're quite a bunch who works to get it as impressive as we can.
The clan? Ancient Sages. It's a skilling clan. No geeky, rude people with no manners are allowed. 

I have also picked up a new goal. All "Effigy Skills" should be improved to grade 97. I have only two skills to work on before I can cover one of every pair. You see, effigies demand satisfaction and it always asks for one of two skills to be satisfied. My current goal is Hunter 97. I'm at grade 94 at the moment.

Lastly... the best news ever! I have wanted a draconic visages ever since it was first found. I have been killing quite a few dragons since then and it finally paid off! I got a visage the other day. I don't have a drawing yet though. I'll get it done soon. I need to get back to mining stones for the citadel.

Catch you later!


Jun. 22nd, 2011

Wournos - yellow chompy hat

I can't work like this.

Bloody Wilderness, woman!
How am I supposed to help you gather monster information if you don't provide me with a working system? How hard can it be to put something together?! Now I'm drowning in notes and scribbles everywhere because of it. Don't get me wrong, I like helping out, but it's not a walk in Falador park, and not having the proper tools just complicates things.
And what's this with information on ranged attacks?! Don't you know there are different types of ranged attacks?? Here I thought you knew more than I did since you are better at ranged attacks. I was clearly wrong. You can be accurate which improves your overall ranged skill. But you can also  shoot longranged, which improves your defensive skills. They are not the same! So I suggest you get going and set up a better system that supports this. The sooner the better.

I have to go kill something! Chaeldar gave me a task ... Harpy bug swarms. 

CURSE ZAMORAK! I just spilled dwarven stout all over my diningroom table. My notes are soaked! 

Jun. 18th, 2011

Wournos - yellow chompy hat

Done already?

This is a little too good to be true. I've reached my goals already. Each time I pay my taxes, I set goals for myself to make sure I do something, both for Ando and myself. The first one was to kill the remaining number of chompies to get the final hat. It turned out to be 1000 of them fowls. The second goal was to help people and/or explore. I did that. I explored the Elemental Workshop, I located the Tears of Guthix (which I have used twice so far) and I also investigated a break-in in Lumbridge Castle cellar. It took me on a journey of digging through history books in search of an ancient goblin tribe. It led me to Dorgeshuun cave goblins - a much more educated line of goblins. It also revealed a secret anti-monster club called H.A.M - Humans Against Monsters. I managed to get rid of advisor Sigmund, a secret H.A.M member, after he falsly accused goblins of theft and break-in, and also set up communication between Lumbridge officials and the Council of the cave goblin city.
All was fine and dandy for a while. I spoke to Mistag in the Dorgeshuun mines and he said they wanted to send an agent to explore the surface and that I should be the guide. I met Zanik, a nice goblin woman with orange hair in ponytails and a strange brand on her forehead. She was fascinated by everything. But it didn't take long before she decided to explore more than we bargained for. We went after the H.A.M cult to find out their plans for eliminating goblins, and especially Dorgeshuun. I ended up in jail. Zanik was taken elsewhere. I later found her dead outside the hideout. I remember a story she told me about meeting Juna, the guardian of Tears of Guthix. Zanik had been branded on her forehead, and whenever this mark glowed she had to revisit Juna. It had something to do with her destiny. I rushed to Juna who called on the gods to revive Zanik. Completely unbelievable. But together, we thwarted Sigmunds plans and destroyed the machinery meant to cause a flood of the Dorgeshuun cave complex.

Aside from all this, I bumped into a drunk man south of Rimmington, who had been attacked by sea monsters. I got him sober enough to tell me about Mogres. I located them and killed for just for kicks.
What else did I do?
I collected the remaining rocks for the museum statue. Now I have the two base pieces in my house in Taverley.
I spied on penguins and was given enough knowledge to learn more about Dungeoneering without having to set foot in a dungeon. This made it possible for me to weave the 40 Achievement cape.

All this and I have so many days left before they deport me. I'm currently on a mission to get rid of the urns I made a while back. They eat bank space. 
If I manage to gain 8 Summoning grades and 9 Dungeoneering grades, I can weave the 50 Achievement cape. I don't think I'll be trying for that. Might just "lounge about" instead. Improve my skills a little. Some ignorant prick called me a noob yesterday for wearing my 40 Achievement cape. He suggested wearing a fire cape instead. FYI, it's Lava cape, not Fire cape. Secondly, Lava cape looks horrible. Besides, I am proud of my skills. I may not be a hero or legend yet, and my fighting skills could use improvement, but it will come, sooner or later.

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸. Wournos

Jun. 10th, 2011

Wournos - yellow chompy hat

Expert Dragon Archer

Hello oh beautiful book of writings!

It's such a great day. I have finally killed my last chompy. Yes, it's true. 4000 chompys have given their life so that I can wear this great looking feather hat with pride. Vanity at its best. It goes really great with my newly made cosmic armour too. I was afraid it all would clash with my hair but it doesn't. It also goes great with my achievement cape. I'm allowed to make a better cape once I gain three more dungeoneering grades. I made a chaos set too. It too looks magnificent. It goes better with my trousers to be honest. I'll be shifting a lot.

Cosmic armour and Expert Dragon Archer hat
So what do I do now? My main goal is complete. I suppose I could go look for trouble. Help Andro with her memoars and stuff. I promised her at least three "damsel-in-distress" stories. Exploring the elemental workshop doesn't exactly involve a damsel in distress, but it is a story. That leaves two more. There's those tears... Tears of Guthix. I should look into that.

I wonder why my hat is called Expert Dragon Archer. I didn't kill any dragons for it. Should be called Expert Chompy Archer instead. 

Be good!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸. Wournos

Jun. 2nd, 2011

Wournos - blue chompy hat

Catch you later, suckers!

 I'm back in business!
Taxes paid and final chompy bird hat in sight. It will be yellow. Not sure how it will look with my blond hair. I don't want to dye my hair to avoid blending. I like my blond hair. I could try soldier grey though.

The first thing I did yesterday was to collect three balls of wool to make one of those achievement capes. It's bright yellow with white stripes at the back. Then I rushed to Thessalia and had a makeover. I've been wearing crafters clothing for too long. I changed to a blue tee with brown armguards and a pair of brown 3/4th trousers. I visited ... the girl in Rellekka... Yrsa? She sells shoes. I found a light brown pair that I liked. They had blackish laces around the boot.

I made ogre arrows and then I hunted 98 chompys (my goal was 100) before I got bored. I can only do so much in one go. I went to Catherby and looked through my bank. Tons of crap. I found my rock bag and was reminded that I can look for rocks. So I did. I did a little bit of woodcutting and firemaking and found two rocks. I also finished a Seer's Task; chop 5 yew logs. Then I went to Draynor and pickpocketed a farmer. He was fiesty. He didn't like when I looked through his pockets for his two rocks. I only got a hold of one of them.
What else did I do? Yes, I planted two patches of tomatoes twice and two different herbs. I've missed these things. The lowerclass society is too restricted. You can't do this. You're not allowed to do that. It's a pain. Not to mention the lack of good clothing and armour. It's like going back to the early days when Guthix first let through the first families to Gielinor. 
I intend to live like a king for as long as my taxes last. I will wear my chompy hat with pride and I will try to do as much as I can. I heard there's more to the Elemental Workshop in Seer's so I will be checking that out soon. I also heard of something called Tears of Guthix. I'll be looking into that too.

But now I'm too eager to sit around and write. I need to get back to the chompys. I really want that last hat!

¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´ (¸. Wournos

Feb. 27th, 2011

Andro - gnome goggles

Master Woodcutter


Splendid day, isn't it? I'm currently standing in Ardougne south bank. I've been fletching yew longbows for quite a while. Now I'm just sitting on the floor with my back against the counter, writing. It's cool in here. My skin is a bit itchy from the tan I got. I spent most of yesterday outside in the sun. It was hot, especially since I was wearing my lumberjack outfit. You see, I was cutting trees. I decided it was time to become a master woodcutter once and for all. I had prepared about 60 urns and I kept checking the spirit tree for evil tree updates. I found two different evil trees. The first one was a nasty magic tree. Luckily I was one of three people there trying to kill it. It's usually crowded when a great tree like that appears. My second evil tree was a terrible plain tree. I was disappointed to say the least. But at least killing an evil tree grants the ability to free log teleportation to bank. I've always used it to deliver oak logs. I will need those for construction but I'll be damned if I'm going to run back and forth dumping logs. 

My hard work paid off. I am now a master woodcutter and I don't really have to do it ever again. I can always go back to my kingdom Miscellania & Etceteria and put my workers to work gathering maple logs for fletching and firemaking. Downside... it costs money. I'll decide on that later. I have quite a bit to go fletching these yew bows of mine. My hands are already aching from the carving of bows. Then I have to string them...

After getting my cape and posing as a true woodsman with one foot on a treestump I decided it was a good idea to visit Thessalia to get a minor make-over. My tan didn't go well with my moss-green clothes. I found what I think is called 'evil turnip'. I also changed my kebbitskin cowl for a mining coat. It's made of a brown vest on top of a shortsleeved shirt. It too has sturdy vambraces. Just wish Yrsa the shoe-shop owner had the same type of coloured boots. 
But I still look good. I'm not wearing the woodcutting cape anymore. I only wear new capes the day I get them, then they go back into my cape rack. I ran into a bit of a problem yesterday though. My cape rack could only hold five capes, and no matter how much I tried I couldn't squeeze the new one in. So... four mahogany planks and a gold leaf later I had a better cape rack. It looks ridiculous to be honest. It has a gilded trim, so to speak; a gold stripe along the top of the rack. Marble would probably look better. At least it stores all my capes now. I only have seven, and one I wear all the time. 

I'll try go for mining mastership next. I'd hate to beat Wournos to it, but if he doesn't get going on mining he'll never get it before me.


Feb. 22nd, 2011

Andro - gnome goggles

Urning a living ... hardly.

Hello Journal.
I see Cassis has told you all about the new urns someone invented. They are cool but I have realized they are more useful for lowerclass citizens, both from a crafting and other skilling viewpoint, than for upperclass citizens. Middleclass might benefit too. eh. What pisses me off is that the smelting urns don't collect scraps from gold bars or silver bars. Gold is the only metal I deal with! I also don't understand why someone would improve the "easiest" skills. I mean, there are tons of fish in the sea that never seem to empty. There are trees everywhere, rocks to mine, fish is cooked to be eaten... It's not hard to learn these things! I think whoever came up with urns should rethink their use. The prayer urns are a good start but from what I heard you're better off burying big bones for godly favour. 

The urns ate up my bank storage so I have had to spend the past two days sorting through everything. It's not going too well. I gave away a load of swamptoads to someone. I built rope racks and stuffed items in hidey-holes around RuneScape for use at certain shortcuts. Then I found some goat horns and over 300 flour pots stashed in my "summoning shelf". I used all of it to make summoning pouches and then sold them, along with some other pouches I had. 
I still have that crap pile left; things needed for that pink clue scroll man. I got rid of it all at least once, then decided to get the items back "just in case". Well, "just in case" I get a scroll doesn't happen anymore seeing how I'm not killing anything. I HATE being indecisive!

Going to finish my cooking of juju gumbo then I think I'll start making cannonballs just to get rid of these smelting urns.

Hmm... I have a Lumberjack set in my bank. If I were to become a master I wouldn't have to keep it in there anymore. I wonder if I have room in my house. My wardrobes are rather small.


Feb. 19th, 2011


Urning a living

There is a great mage and inventor amongst us. I don't know his or her name but this person have come up with a really cool item. Urns! Magical urns!! Yes, laugh. I dare you. 
These urns are made of moist clay on any pottery wheel. By carving different designs on the side the urns can be used for different skilling. Carve a fish to use while fishing. Pickaxe for mining etc. These urns have the ability to collect scraps and be sent away somewhere in exchange for a little bit of knowledge. But this only works if the urn has been decorated, or imbued... with a specific rune.
There are different qualities of urns too. The stronger the urn the better material can be collected. ...and as usual it's the taxpayers who get best kind. -.-

I made several urns the other day and used up all my fragile woodcutting urns yesterday. I got so much better at woodcutting. I even gained grades in firemaking for the burning of willow logs. 

Downside? Now I need to do much more runecrafting. *SIGH* Why wasn't runecrafting urns invented?!


Jan. 18th, 2011



I am becoming richer! Woohoo! I found several tasks, simple tasks, that I hadn't done and decided to do them. Stupid things like equip a staff, bake a redberry pie or kill different types of animals. Wear an iron and steel platebody... Who made these tasks?!
Well, the upside of it all was the explorer in Lumbridge rewarded me with money and items for completing tasks. I now have about 140000 coins. I used to have about 27000 coins.

...and let's just forget that one of the less simple tasks almost got me killed. I ventured down into Varrock Sewers to collect red spider's eggs. They were not happy to see me. While escaping I ran into a massive green, ugly tree-like giant. It bashed me with a log I think. I seriously need to work on my skills.


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