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The Noirs

Rocking RuneScape, one day at a time

We, Andro, Wournos and Cassis are the Noirs. We live in the beautiful (more or less) world of RuneScape. We all arrived in the Year of the Fifth, but during different periods. That would be 2005, 2008 and 2009 in otherwordly years.

About Andro
I was the first to arrive in RuneScape, and specifically, in the rural town of Lumbridge. It's a relatively small town with peasants, a small shop and farm animals. Back in the day a lot of the lowerclass citizens were dishonest thieves and if you were'nt careful, they would trick you in trades. This is what made me not trust anyone. I kept to myself mostly and worked on my skills to be able to support myself. Back then available building lots weren't available so I, along with every other person had to sleep in banks or in the wild (not to be mistaken for the Wilderness).
I was a lowerclass citizen confined to the kingdoms of Misthalin and Asgarnia, until I had gained enough knowledge and skills to start paying my taxes. That's when the entire world opened up. I started traveling, met different townsfolk, helped various humans, but also citizens from other races; like those strange ogres at Gut'tanoth for example.

Living arrangement I have a house south of Rellekka, the viking village of the Fremennik province. I decided to build my house there since there's no natural teleportation location in the area - unless someone wants to hear my poor attempts to play a lyre! I have a portal chamber, two actually, in my house where I can teleport to various places in the world. My house is made of sandstone with a lovely lawn. I have four formal gardens with very trimmed grass. My pets, a sheepdog, purple cat and white squirrel have a massive pet house and a feeder that keeps them content. I also have a helpful demon butler that collects and returns material from my bank when I decide to work on Construction.

Belief I believe in Guthix, the God of Balance. He was the god who created RuneScape and brought life to the world. He was also the one to bring humans from a paralel world.

Hobbies I used to collect stone pieces for a statue of a mage called Dhamaroc, but recently finished all 30 statues required for a full personal replica.

About Wournos
I'm the brother that found myself in Lumbridge, and RuneScape of course, long after Andro arrived. Neither of us know where we came from originally so we decided to team up, so to speak. Andro has been working on her memoars for quite some time and wanted me to help with it. I used to be a guinea pig for quite some time but have now gotten a life of my own. I still help her with whatever she needs but now I have to think of my own evolvment.
I am a miner at heart. It sounds dirty and filthy. Can be, but it's just a matter of getting used to. My goals are to become a master miner and smith. My third goal is to become a master ranger. All three skills can be worked on as a lowerclass citizen. I rarely pay taxes so for the most time I'm confined to Asgarnia and Misthalin. It's boring to be honest but that's life.
For some reason I feel drawn to the Fremenniks. I don't know if it's their culture or simplicity and ruggedness that does it. I dyed my hair blonde (originally vermillion, like Andro's) to fit in better. I also have a mohawk now.

Living arrangement Since I'm mostly a middleclass citizen in a lowerclass society I have to sleep in banks. But when I do pay I can go sleep in my comfy bed in my Taverley house. The only reason I have my house in Taverley is that the lot was cheap. The village isn't that interesting. A bunch of druids and funny wooden houses. My Taverley home is of simple stone. I have oak furniture because that too is cheap.

Belief I worship Saradomin. I'm one of the good guys.

Hobbies My main hobby is Chompy Bird Hunting. Chompies are fat birds that only come if there's a tasty, inflated toad on the ground. Rantz the ogre hands out colourful hats after certain amount of kills. I have collected all but the last one.
I also like farming, but it's something I can only do once the blasted taxes have been payed.

About Cassis
I was the last one to arrive. There I was, in the middle of Lumbridge with weaklings all around me. I was "drafted" by Andro and Wournos for reasons unknown to me. To make me feel one of them they adopted my last name - Noir. Cute in some bizarre way.
I am a mage. But I usually lack the runes. Making runes isn't as exciting as killing things and get runes that way.
I've been told that I have a temper and that I usually hit first and ask questions later.
My only goal right now is to be a better mage. I would also like to be a respectable dungeoneer.

Living arrangement I don't have a house. I wish I did. It's so uncool to sleep in banks! I have never paid taxes and have never seen the remaining world. All I've done is seen walls to other areas or been able to gaze past fences. Both Andro and Wournos are telling me to improve my abilities before I even think of paying taxes. I've heard that house owners may create a dungeon. I will definitely make one if I ever buy a house.

Belief Zamorak because I like chaos. But recently I've heard stories about Zaros and how he used to rule over Zamorak; who was a mortal at the time. Things happened, Zamorak became a god and Zaros was banished or something. Zaros is becoming more appealing, and I do like his purple mark.

Hobbies Daemonheim, baby! It's my playground.
chompy bird hunting, crafting, have an ice day, impetuous, killing, magic, mining, safety in numbers, skilling, smithing, stealing creation, the daemonheim collection, volcano vikings, zombiism